Star Wars Nursery Prints - Planet Theme

Star Wars Nursery Prints – SO Adorable!

 Adorable Star Wars Nursery Prints – My New Favorite Nursery Decor!

These Star Wars nursery prints look absolutely adorable in any child’s room, at any age.. with appropriate real quotes from the movie, instilling a little comedy, inspiration, and imagination in our young ones.

There are two different print series, I titled them as the Galaxy Print Series, and the Planet Print Series, which pretty much describe the background of the prints. Each series has a total of 8 prints in all: (six prints, plus two “bonus” prints with alternate quotes for Chewbacca / Han Solo and C-3PO / R2D2).  These prints come in 8″x10″, 11″x14″, and 12″x16″.

These prints are printed on my professional Epson printers, and highest grade heavy bonded art paper and inks. They print out PERFECT.

Here’s what the Galaxy Series Prints look like:

star-wars-nursery-galaxy-series-c3po-r2d2-v1 <a href="http://oceanblue-design click here for”>star-wars-nursery-galaxy-series-c3p0-r2d2-v2 star-wars-nursery-galaxy-series-chewbacca-han-solo-v1 star-wars-nursery-galaxy-series-chewbacca-han-solo-v2 star-wars-nursery-galaxy-series-darth star-wars-nursery-galaxy-series-leia star-wars-nursery-galaxy-series-luke star-wars-nursery-galaxy-series-yoda

…and here’s what the Planet Series Prints look like:

star-wars-planet-series-luke star-wars-planet-series-c3po-r2d2-v1 star-wars-planet-series-c3po-r2d2-v2 star-wars-planet-series-yoda star-wars-planet-series-leia star-wars-planet-series-chewbacca-han-solo-v1 star-wars-planet-series-chewbacca-han-solo-v2 planet-series-six-prints-v1planet-series-darth










I had so much fun making these for my little ones, and am happy to provide these up on my shop to share with you all too. Would love to see pics of how you used these prints too, feel free to share on our Facebook page or here on my blog comments!

Shari Anne

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