Girl Boss Print showing Teapot, tea cup, notebook and Macarons

Girl Boss – Inspiration and a Pretty Office Workspace

Girl boss. Sounds fierce, determined, inspired… which is exactly what I “accidentally” set out to do. Being an artist, I tend to find inspiration in the most random places, untimely moments.. so when I had been working a fully-booked week of orders and design deadlines, sick as a puppy, I found the inspiration in none other than my sweet pretty new gold and white teapot and cup, while grabbing my notebook to jot down some order notes.. when it just hit me site here. I loved the colors, the calm of the Earl Grey, the soothing tones of the desk with vibrancy and playfulness of my notebook cover, with pretty gold foil lining the cover title “CREATE”. At that sick, sniffly, exhausted moment past 2am, I found inspiration. I was, after all, a Girl Boss. It means I work hard, but the results of my accomplishments are SO rewarding…. so I immediately wanted to take my pretty notebook cover, and do exactly what it said: Create.

Girl Boss Print, Gold Lettering, Gold FrameGirl Boss Print, Gold Lettering, Black and Gold Frame

Fast forward a few hours later that night (or, morning, rather!), and I had created two sweet girl boss prints. One with a printed faux gold foil of all the lettering, and one with black lettering, the remaining descriptive words being black. It came to me so fast, I had more adjectives describing what it entails being a Girl Boss, than I could do!  Here’s what I came up with: Risk-taker. Dream chaser. Big thinker. Hustler. Change-maker. Rule-breaker.  That’s just some of the characteristics I find in a girl boss.


Girl Boss Print showing Teapot, tea cup, notebook and MacaronsTeacup, Teapot, Macarons and my inspired Create notebooktea and macarons ocean blue design 2 girl boss for web


This might be one of my favorite creations. I printed it out and framed it this morning, and made myself a new pot of tea. I even treated myself to some macarons from Le Macaron. I took the morning in, multitasking, juggling, and at times, sitting with my tea staring at my print and smiling, feeling like I accomplished something, even if it was something I did for myself.. Funny how the sniffles grabbing a notebook (shown) could be the beginning of what I think is a pretty, modern-day typography art print, commemorating us boss ladies. ????

If you like the print, you can order it online here:

Black Lettering Version with “girl boss” in faux printed gold foil style

Faux Printed Gold Foil Lettering version of all words

Cheers, to all us boss ladies, and Happy Friday!

Shari Anne

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