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Our Story

What all started out as a simple, personalized chalkboard Valentine’s Day sign for my husband, had blossomed into Ocean Blue Design. As friends and family praised the fun and unique idea of my personalized gift, they had requested my artistic abilities to create something for their loved ones on their special occasions, too! And so it started….

As a relatively new mom of two littles, I had put my oil painting and lomography arts on hold after my first was born three years ago… I had to temporarily hang up my painting smock, and had changed from oil painting to finger painting with my babies!  Feeling the withdrawal of not having the time and means for setting up my art canvas and oils and brushes, my dear husband had the idea of purchasing a digital tablet for me, encouraging me that I can paint and sketch after all, without the messy and timely cleanup afterwards, or without having our toddler have at my just-painted wet canvas!  I hadn’t divulged into the “digital” arts, even though I am an engineer by education and profession, but I eventually decided to dive in after creating something special and personal for my husband. I was able to still hand-draw my artwork on my tablet, and my creative outlet had been fulfilled!  A website launch later, an Etsy shop opening, and a Facebook and Twitter page created, the popularity for my artwork grew, and so did the demand for my artwork.

Thankfully, I have the opportunity to share all my creative work with everyone, and feel so blessed that my artwork has the ability to make some of you smile. Everything I create comes from the heart, inspired by my family. I put so much love into my work, both with the personalized and not personalized creations. My hope is that you feel the happy energy infused in my creations, and have that energy spread through one of my art pieces.  Thanks for reading, and happy browsing!

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Shari Anne
Founder and Artist, Ocean Blue Design

Each art piece is created with love. I draw my inspiration from my children, who allow me to see the world through their eyes.  In turn, I infuse their sweet and happy energy into all of my work, and hope it provides the same joy to others as the joy I had in creating it.

Our Process

We create our artwork in many different ways, all of them fun and spontaneous! Whether using a Wacom Cintiq Digital Tablet to hand-draw, sketch, and paint some of our prints at my design office desk, to using physical paint and canvas or watercolor paper on my easel with brushes “en plein aire”, then photographing the artwork to create a digital copy for my shop – though the processes vary, one thing remains the same: the love and energy poured into each and every design.

Our Inspiration

My children, my husband, my parents, my family, my friends, my environment, my home, the people I meet, my travels, and my life experiences — I draw inspiration from everything and everyone around me. Oh, and HomeGoods. Definitely, HomeGoods. 🙂

Our Passion

To make fun, endearing, and whimsical artwork and spread the joy it creates. <3