Nevertheless, She Persisted – Cross-Stitch Pillow Pattern!

So in love with this quote, to identify so much of who so many of us are, that I had turn it into some kind of art, or craft. I created a design of this phrase and turned it into a cross-stitch pattern, and want to share this with you all. Not even going to get into the politics of it all on this blog post, but after the series of events that led to this now infamous phrase, I, like millions of other people, thought: EXACTLY! Persist in the face of adversity. Persist for a better future for ourselves, and our children. Persist to defend our RIGHT to persist.  Persist to make your voice heard. Read more

Girl Boss – Inspiration and a Pretty Office Workspace

Girl boss. Sounds fierce, determined, inspired… which is exactly what I “accidentally” set out to do. Being an artist, I tend to find inspiration in the most random places, untimely moments.. so when I had been working a fully-booked week of orders and design deadlines, sick as a puppy, I found the inspiration in none other than my sweet pretty new gold and white teapot and cup, while grabbing my notebook to jot down some order notes.. when it just hit me site here. I loved the colors, the calm of the Earl Grey, the soothing tones of the desk with vibrancy and playfulness of my notebook cover, with pretty gold foil lining the cover title “CREATE”. At that sick, sniffly, exhausted moment past 2am, I found inspiration. I was, after all, a Girl Boss. It means I work hard, but the results of my accomplishments are SO rewarding…. so I immediately wanted to take my pretty notebook cover, and do exactly what it said: Create.

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