Nevertheless, She Persisted – Cross-Stitch Pillow Pattern!

So in love with this quote, to identify so much of who so many of us are, that I had turn it into some kind of art, or craft. I created a design of this phrase and turned it into a cross-stitch pattern, and want to share this with you all. Not even going to get into the politics of it all on this blog post, but after the series of events that led to this now infamous phrase, I, like millions of other people, thought: EXACTLY! Persist in the face of adversity. Persist for a better future for ourselves, and our children. Persist to defend our RIGHT to persist.  Persist to make your voice heard. Read more

Free Thanksgiving Bingo Family Game Printable Downloads!

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

This is a very special time of year, in celebrating and giving thanks for all our blessings. I feel incredibly thankful for all I have, and just want to pay it forward.

Thanksgiving is not just about having old tradition, but it’s also about making new ones, too. In searching for fun family games for my own family for tomorrow, I came across an idea I had for the baby shower bingo cards I made for a few events (which I’ll post soon for free too!). So I thought, why not make some? I found adorable thanksgiving clipart I purchased on Etsy, and decided to put it all together in a Thanksgiving Family Bingo game ???? Been sort of working on this all night, and here it is 3:43am and I’m writing this freebie post when I should actually be waking in a few hours to start preparing my first turkey I’ve ever cooked. Yikes on both accounts! ???? Read more

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS WINS SUPER BOWL! So here’s your free poster! (Limited Time Only!) :)


It’s no secret that I am originally from New England, born and pretty much raised, before I ventured south to warmer places, but my heart always remains in New England.  I dressed up my two baby boys (three, if you count my husband, lol) in all their New England Patriots attire preparation for the Super Bowl, hoping for a win after so many years of leaving without a trophy…. and so it happened!  I’ve been up all night designing this New England Patriots poster for all the fans to celebrate and showcase! I almost wanted to take my time in designing it before the game but, well, I didn’t want to jinx it. We New Englandah’s are VERY superstitious when it comes to these things! ???? Read more

Star Wars Nursery Prints – SO Adorable!

 Adorable Star Wars Nursery Prints – My New Favorite Nursery Decor!

These Star Wars nursery prints look absolutely adorable in any child’s room, at any age.. with appropriate real quotes from the movie, instilling a little comedy, inspiration, and imagination in our young ones.

There are two different print series, I titled them as the Galaxy Print Series, and the Planet Print Series, which pretty much describe the background of the prints. Each series has a total of 8 prints in all: (six prints, plus two “bonus” prints with alternate quotes for Chewbacca / Han Solo and C-3PO / R2D2).  These prints come in 8″x10″, 11″x14″, and 12″x16″. Read more